Dr. Ravivat Rugsaj

Name: Dr. Ravivat Rugsaj

Position: Lecturer

Email: ravivatrgs@au.edu

Office: VME0605


  • Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering, Mahidol University
  • M.Eng. in Mechanical Engineering, Kasetsart University
  • B.Eng. in Mechanical Engineering, Kasetsart University

Research Area:

Finite Element Method (FEM), Fluid Structure Interaction (FSI), Applied Numerical Method, Optimization, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Mathematical Modelling of Nonlinear Material, Hyperelasticity, Viscoelasticity, Product and structural design using FEM, Process simulation using FEM.


  • Saisaengtham, T., Phromjan, J., Rugsaj, R., Phakdee, S., Suvanjumrat, C. PAVEMENT-TIRE CONTACT PATCH EFFECTS ON AIR VOLUME USING FINITE ELEMENT METHOD. GEOMATE Journal. 2024, 26(113):50-7.
  • Phakdee, S., Phromjan, J., Rugsaj, R., Suvanjumrat, C. EXPERIMENTAL VERIFICATION OF MATHEMATICAL MODELS FOR TIRE-SOIL INTERACTION. GEOMATE Journal. 2024, 26(113):58-65.
  • Nakkhlai, T., Chookaew, W., Phromjan, J., Suvanjumrat, C., Rugsaj, R. NEURAL NETWORK APPLICATION FOR FINE-BLANKED EDGE QUALITY IN ROLLED STEEL SHEETS. GEOMATE Journal. 2023, 25(112):107-14.
  • Rugsaj, R., Suvanjumrat C. Development of a novel spoke structure of non-pneumatic tires for skid-steer loaders using finite element analysis. Mechanics Based Design of Structures and Machines. 2023, 51(12):6905-27.
  • Rugsaj, R., Suvanjumrat, C. Study of geometric effects on nonpneumatic tire spoke structures using finite element method. Mechanics Based Design of Structures and Machines. 2022, 50(7):2379-2399.
  • Rugsaj, R., Suvanjumrat, C. Dynamic Finite Element Analysis of Rolling Non-Pneumatic Tire. International Journal of Automotive Technology. 2021, 22(4):1011-1012.
  • Rugsaj, R., Suvanjumrat, C. Study of mechanical properties of 3d printed material for non-pneumatic tire spoke. Key Engineering Materials, 2021, 880:97–102.
  • Rugsaj, R., Suvanjumrat, C. Mechanical characteristics of airless tyre by laboratory testing. IOP Conf Ser Mater Sci Eng. 2020,886.
  • Rugsaj, R., Suvanjumrat, C. Development of a Transient Dynamic Finite Clement Model for the Drum Testing of a Non-Pneumatic Tire. IOP Conf Ser Mater Sci Eng. 2020, 773.
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  • Suvanjumrat, C., Ploysook, N., Rugsaj, R. Blow molding simulation using the cross-section technique for complex shape bottles. Engineering Journal. 2018, 22(2):169-83.
  • Rugsaj, R., Suvanjumrat, C. Finite Element Analysis of Hyperelastic Material Model for Non-Pneumatic Tire. Key Engineering Materials. 2018, 775:554-9.
  • Rugsaj, R., Suvanjumrat, C. Determination of Material Property for Non-Pneumatic Tire Spokes by Inverse Method. Key Engineering Materials. 2018, 777:411-5.
  • Suvanjumrat, C., Rugsaj, R. Finite Element Modeling with Embed Rebar Elements and Steady State Rolling Analysis for Rolling Resistance Test of Pneumatic Tire. MATEC Web Conf. 2017, 95:02004.
  • Suvanjumrat, C., Rugsaj, R. Lifetime estimation for metal sheet cladding and roofing in wang-noi combined cycle power plant. Engineering Journal. 2016, 20(2):147-58.
  • Ploysook, N., R. Rugsaj and C. Suvanjumrat. Suitable die shaping for a rectangular shape bottle by application of FEM and AI technique. International Journal of Mechanical, Aerospace, Industrial and Mechatronics Engineering. 2015, 9(3):360-364.


  • None

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