Grading System

Grade Letters

Letter grades are used to show academic standing of all students with the following meaning and values.

A-Almost Excellent3.75
B+Very Good3.25
B-Fairly Good2.75
C- Minimum Satisfactory1.75
RCourse Repeated Later
WWithdrawal with Permission
WFWithdrawal with F0.00
AUDAudit and non-credit
IIncomplete, used in case a student fails to complete his/her assignment within the time limit or is absent from the examination with approval from the University due to valid reason(s)
WP/IPWord In Progress
NRNo Report
TRTransferred Credits

Grade Point Average (GPA)

Multiply the point value of letter grade (See above table) by the number of credit hours. Then divide by total credit hours. The result is the Grade Point Average (GPA) for that academic semester.

Course Repeat

Undergraduate course are only allowed to repeat courses if they have received grade letter “F” for general courses or below “C” for major-required courses.

For any courses that students have received grade letters “F” or “C”, the previous grades would be changed to “R” when the students repeat the course and finally pass it. Namely, the old records will not be included in cumulative GPA calculation from academic semester 2/2017 onwards.

Graduation with Honors

Undergraduate students maintaining a high scholastic average are eligible for graduation with the following Honors:

Summa Cum Laude3.80-4.00
Magna Cum Laude3.50-3.79
Cum Laude3.25-3.49

Requirements for Graduation with Honors

  • Have fulfilled all the requirements for graduation within 4 years (5 years for Architecture faculty).
  • Have not been placed on probation in any condition,
  • Have not received a grade lower than “C” for any course.
  • Transfer students must have taken all the third and fourth year courses (or 72 credits) at Assumption University.
  • Students who have graduated with a cumulative GPA of 3.25 or higher, regardless of a grade lower than “C” or “U” for non-credit courses.

Probation, Dismissal (Retired), and Credit Limit

Students who obtain a cumulative GPA of less than 2.00 (1.99-1.50) but above the limits set for dismissal from the University will be put on probation, except during the first semester of the freshmen year.

Undergraduate students will be dismissed from the University under the following conditions

CriteriaResultCredit Limit
cGPA > 2.00Normal Status22 Credits
cGPA < 1.50Immediate dismissal at the end of the semester
1.50 < cGPA < 1.75Dismissal after two consecutive semesters – Non-graduating: 13 Credits
– Graduating: 16 Credits
1.75 < cGPA < 2.00Dismissal after four consecutive semesters– Non-graduating: 13 Credits
– Graduating: 16 Credits

Note: Non-credit foundation courses are considered as a 3 credit course.

Example: A student has started his academic career with Assumption University in year 1/2014. He receives the cGPA of 1.51 in the first semester. He gets cGPA of 1.74 in year 2/2014 so he has to be dismissed from the university.


  • Re-enter is an option for students who wish to start fresh due to low GPA, probation, poor academic records, or retired, etc.
  • Students are allowed to re-enter cross-faculty not more than 3 times and 1 time within the same faculty.

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