Once a Year Courses

(Last update: May 27th, 2024)

Vincent Mary School of Engineering (VME) offers the following advanced courses only once per academic year.

Students who miss to enroll in the following advanced courses shall wait for one complete academic year until the courses are available again.

Once a year ECE – CE Courses

1st semester (June – October)2nd semester (November – March)
CE 2103 Object-Oriented ProgrammingCE 2104 Software Design and Development
CE 2709 Computer ArchitectureCE 3104 Software Engineering
CE 3103 Computer Operating SystemsCE 4201 Image Processing and Computer Vision
CE3109 Database Management SystemsCE 3222/CE 4228 Computer Networks/
Data Communication and Networking
CE 4221 Network Application and Technology
CE 4225 Computer and Network Security
CE 4715 Artificial Intelligence ICE 4225

Once a year ECE – EE Courses

1st semester (June – October)2nd semester (November – March)
EE 3301 Electromagnetic FieldEE 3405 Digital Control Systems
(for 60 – 64xxxx MCE students only)
EE 3402 Electrical Machines
(for 60 – 64xxxx students only)
EE 3406 Control Systems
EE 3403 Electrical Machines Lab
(for 60 – 64xxxx students only)
EE 4401 Electric Drive
(65xxxx onwards student requirement)
EE 3601 Electronics Circuit Design
(for 60 – 64xxxx students only)
EE 4505 Power System Protection
EE 3602 Electronics Circuit Design Lab
(for 60 – 64xxxx students only)
EE 4512 Smart Grid
(65xxxx onwards student requirement)
EE 3606 Electrical Instruments and MeasurementsEE 4518 Electrical Power Generation, Transmission and Distribution
EE 4501 Power System AnalysisEE 4705 Power Electronics
EE 4503 Electrical Systems DesignEE 4706 Power Electronics Lab
EE 4506 High Voltage Engineering

Once a year MCE-AI Courses

1st semester (June – October)2nd semester (November – March)
ME 3120 Mechanics of MachineryIE 3100 / IE4100 Manufacturing Processes
(for 59 – 64xxxx students only)
IE 4202/IE 4203 Engineering Economics*IE 4201 Engineering Management*
ME 3311 Pneumatic and Hydraulic SystemsME 2220 Engineering Mechanics II
MCE 4101 Introduction to RoboticsME 3110 Mechanics of Materials
MCE 4102 Introduction to Industrial Automation
MCE 4103 Mechatronics Laboratory II
* Major Elective Course.

Once a year AE Courses

1st semester (June – October)2nd semester (November – March)
For Aircraft Maintenance Engineer
AE 2700 Fundamental Aircraft: Propulsion TheoryAE 2922 Problem-based Training in Aircraft Maintenance II
AE 2921 Problem-based Training in Aircraft Maintenance IAE 3311 Aircraft System: Technical Document System
AE 3310 Aircraft Maintenance: Maintenance Human FactorAE 3312 Aircraft System: Logistics
AE 3411 Aircraft System: Aviation Acts and Airworthiness RegulationsAE 3511 Aircraft System: Aircraft Communications
AE 3710 Aircraft Maintenance: Aircraft MaintenanceAE 3711 Aircraft Maintenance: Aircraft Maintenance II
AE 3722 Fundamental Aircraft: AerodynamicsAE 3712 Aircraft System: Hydraulic and Pneumatic System
AE 3723 Fundamental Aircraft: Aircraft StructureAE 3713 Aircraft System: Landing Gear and Brake System
AE 3724 Fundamental Aircraft: Aircraft MaterialAE 3725 Fundamental Aircraft: Aircraft Performance
AE 3921 Problem-based Training in Aircraft Maintenance IIIAE 3922 Fundamental Aircraft: Practical Verification
AE 4721 Aircraft System: Fuel SystemAE 4621 Aircraft System: Ground Support Equipment
AE 4722 Aircraft System: PowerplantAE 4622 Aircraft System: Non-Destructive Inspection
AE 4821 Aircraft System: Aircraft Electrical SystemAE 4723 Aircraft System: Stability and Weight & Balance System
AE 4921 Aircraft Maintenance: Practical VerificationAE 4901 Aircraft System: Practical Verification
For Commercial Pilot License
AE 3321 Intermediate Flying: Basic Performance and PlanningAE 3121 Core Flying: Single-Engine Flight – Ground
AE 3322 Intermediate Flying: Basic MeteorologyAE 3122 Theory of Single-Engine Flight
AE 3323 Intermediate Flying: Crew Resources Management and Flight SafetyAE 3123 Core Flying: Single-Engine Flight – Flight
AE 3324 Intermediate Flying: Basic Human Performance and LimitationsAE 3124 Basic Flying: Single/Multi-Engine – Ground
AE 3421 Intermediate Flying: Basic and advanced AerodynamicsAE 3220 Basic Flying: Single/Multi-Engine -Flight I
AE 3521 Intermediate Flying: Basic Power Plants and InstrumentationsAE 3221 Basic Flying: Single/Multi-Engine – Flight II
AE 4711 Commercial Flight IAE 3222 Basic Flying: Multi-Engine Operations
AE 4712 Commercial Flight IIAE 3705 Commercial Flight – Ground
AE 4713 Commercial Flight IIIAE 4321 Performance, Mass and Balance and Operational procedures
AE 4714 Commercial Flight IVAE 4322 Meteorology and Principles of flight
AE 4421 Aircraft general knowledge
AE 4422 Air law and Human performance
AE 4521 General Navigation and Flight planning & Monitoring
AE 4522 Radio Navigation and Radiotelephony

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