Electrical Engineering

For 601-xxxx up to 641-xxxx students

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For 601-xxxx up to 641-xxxx students:

Students are highly recommended to follow this study plan to avoid any class time conflict.

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  • Enrolment & Intensive Course Fees: 10,500-25,085 Baht
  • 1st Year: 1st Semester: 78,200 Baht | 2nd Semester: 75,600 Baht
  • 2nd Year: 1st Semester: 81,850 Baht | 2nd Semester: 75,600 Baht  
  • 3rd Year: 1st Semester: 64,400 Baht | 2nd Semester: 48,700 Baht 
  • 4th Year: 1st Semester: 57,400 Baht | 2nd Semester: 57,750 Baht

Total: 550,000 Baht (estimated tuition fees as of May 2020, Information from Admission Center)

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