You are currently viewing VME First Orientation 2021 Round 2 Materials (4 Nov 2021)

VME First Orientation 2021 Round 2 Materials (4 Nov 2021)

We would like to thank every freshmen student who joined VME Freshmen Orientation yesterday. We hope the event was informative and helpful.

Please feel free to check out the materials presented in First Orientation in the link provided below along with group photos and the list of attendees. Please verify your attendance by checking out the attached.

For those who have not completed the evaluation for this activity yet, please spare 1 minute of your time by clicking this link >>

PPT slides in pdf format >>

Video recording >>

In case you have contacts of any 642/643-xxxx students, your kind help to invite them to AU VME Announcement group will be much appreciated.

Abstracts must be self-sufficient and understandable.
After the first drafts, read the abstract and consider whether it will be clear to your listeners and readers. Imagine if your classmates would understand them? Is the logic of the story visible artist thesis from beginning to end? Are all statements valid? Are there links between sentences and paragraphs? Keep in mind that good research is always scientifically new, which means that no one understands your topic as well as you do.