Dr. Amulya Bhattarai

Name: Dr. Amulya Bhattarai

Position: Deputy Chairperson, Electrical and Computer Engineering

Email: abhattarai@au.edu

Office: VME0906


  • Ph.D. in Information, Computer and Communication Technology, SIIT, Thammasat University, Thailand (2022)
  • M.S. in System Communication & Electronics, Jacobs University, Germany (2008)
  • B.Eng. in Electronic, Assumption University, Bangkok, Thailand (2004)

Research Area:

Electronics and Communication, Wireless (Mobile) Communication, Reconfigurable Beam-Steerable (Smart) Antennas, Resource Allocation in Distributed Wireless Networks, Pattern Recognition (Image/Voice) via Artificial Intelligence tools, Renewable Power Distribution and Integration.


  • BG1204 (Calculus I): Algebra, Trigonometry, Functions, Limits, Differentiation and Integration (with Engineering/Science applications).
  • CE4227 (Mobile and Wireless Networks): Evolution/characteristics of 1G (AMPS) / 2G (GSM) / 3G (UMTS) / 4G / 5G, Cellular/Mobile Concepts.
  • CE4715 (Artificial Intelligence): Search, Logic, Reasoning / Statistics, Machine Learning, Data Mining, Neural Networks, Reinforcement Learning.
  • EE2605/6 (Electronics Basic): Diodes, BJT, JFET, Op-Amp Circuits, ICs (555, ADC, VCO/PLL), Oscillators and Feedback, Power Regulators.
  • EE3601/2 (Electronics Design): Amplifier Design (BJT/JFET), Op-Amp Circuits, Power Amplifiers, Digital Logic (TTL/CMOS),
  • EE3301 (Electromagnetics): Electric/Magnetic Fields and Radiation, Coulomb/Gauss’s Law, Maxwell’s Equations, Transmission Lines, Antennas.
  • EE4512 (Smart Grid): Smart Sensors/Meters (IoT), Energy Management & Distribution, High Voltage Gen. / Tx, Power Electronics, FACTS.
  • TE4201/2 (Communication Electronics): Filters, Modulation (AM/FM/QAM), Digital Data, RF Amplifiers/Oscillators, Optics, Antenna, Cellular.
  • TE4111 (Antennas): Antenna Parameters(Radiation Pattern, Directivity, etc.), Linear(Dipole)/ Loop / Microstrip Antennas, Arrays, Smart Antennas.
  • IE4201 (Engineering Management): Design Details & Breakdown: Tasks/Time, Customer Requirement, People & Team, Finances, Communication.
  • CE/EE/MCE4901/2 (Senior Project I/II): Guide and inspire senior year students for the Engineering projects. Regulate and evaluate their performance,(Reports of student’s projects that he was the advisor is included at the bottom…)


Students Senior Project (Advisor)

Additional Materials

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