Summer Courses

The Vincent Mary School of Engineering (VME) offers the following courses in summer session of every academic year (3/202x).

Basic Science

Course IDCourse Name
BG 1204Calculus I
BG 1205Calculus II
BG 1211Physics I
BG 1213Physics II
ME 1114Engineering Workshop

Major Required Courses

Course IDCourse Name
EE 2201Electric Circuits

Major Elective Courses

Course IDCourse Name
EE 3704Embedded System

Note: The summer courses are not limited to the courses listed in previous section. Other courses may be offered if a direct request by current students is submitted to the faculty. If minimum the following requirements are met the faculty will consider offering the requested course in summer semesters.

  • Minimum number of students = 10 students
  • Written request submitted to VME0202 office prior to summer semester